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Do you sometimes think that ...

...you have a good knowledge of french and you wish to improve your fluency?
... it will be nice to get even better in a short while and in an intensive way?
... you would like to spend some time in France?

My solution ...

Why not benefit from a few days of vacation in France? I invite you to discover one of the most beautiful regions of France and to dive into French history, local and contemporary culture . You will be in my company for five days.

... is based on my experience ...

I am acutely aware of the challenges associated with learning a foreign language. I spent most of my adult life in Germany where I had to learn a foreign language, and where I  taught French.
I am convinced that the most efficient way to improve your French is to immerse yourself in the French mother tongue and culture. With my help, constant feedback will quickly help you to feel more confident and more comfortable in your speech in ways you have never experienced before.

If this sounds like something you would like then I invite you to visit the following page: « The linguistic holidays ».

If you need a relaxing sojourn ...

in this case check out "The time of relaxation ".

Le Pic sous la neige

Le Pi au printemsps

Les tournesols dans tout leur éclat