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Do you need a break?

The present global economic crisis demands more sacrifices than ever from many women. Confronted by change, uncertainty and anxiety women are stressed out beyond their physical and psychological limits.

If you yearn to get away from it all and completely shut off the daily worries of your world my offer will fulfill that dream. I propose a week of absolute relaxation with full room and board in my home in the beautiful countryside of France.  Here you will have peace, tranquility and time to find your true self again. This break will empower you to regain the ability and confidence you need to cope with the situation again.

Your only task is to be lazy: to discover again the pleasure of taking a walk as long as you like, to listen to the birds, to read that book you bought many months ago and--why not--just to dream.

If you would like I will drive you to an aesthetician where you can augment your well-being with a massage or other spa offerings.


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