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My place

I live in St-Sulpice-d’Excideuil, a small village in "green" Périgord. It is situated about 30 Km, north-east of Périgueux. The landscape is composed of rolling green hills at the border of the regional park Périgord-Limousin.
The region is rich in cultural and natural treasures: castles, churches, museums, caves.

La noieraie

My house stands outside of the village, in a location called Le Pic. In the old occitan language spoken by the French southerners, Le Pic was said "lou pie", which is still in use here today locally.
My old stone-house has all the amenities for a comfortable stay. In this friendly atmosphere, surrounded by nature, you will relax and improve your French skills.

La cour
L'Eglise de St-Sulpice-d'Excideuil La chambre Le salon La salle à manger

The region

Dordogne is the designation of the departement, the former province of Périgord. For more information about the Dordogne I recommend you to refer to the official website of the Dordogne Tourist Board. You will find an english version and it is plenty of details. Please click on the picture right ....

Site Dordogne

The web site "Gold Périgord" offers a lot of information about the region. The rubriques "tout le périgord" et "toutes les communes" will enable you to have a first virtual visit. If you click on the picture on the right hand, you 'll be able to have a quick look at Thiviers.m

Site de Gold Perigord