porte Linguistic Holidays for women in Dordogne

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What I propose:

You will be in my company for five days. We will live together in circumstances of everyday life: we will go to the market, read the newspaper, have a chat with the neighbours, meet my friends, use the telephone, prepare meals.
I will introduce you to the rich and diverse cultural life of the region: I will take you to castles, exhibitions, artists’ studios and why not go to the movie theatre for the latest contemporary shows.
If you enjoy nature and the outdoors, I will take you on walks in the beautiful countryside.

You will be immersed in a non-stop linguistic exercise, eight hours a day. I will listen to you, and help you overcome any personal difficulties. And if you wish... I will provide grammatical drills to intensify the total immersion!


Beynac sur la rive de la Dordogne
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